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SEO Tools Poem

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I am in my cave, and looking out kind of furtive,
The reason being, psychologically, I am low assertive,
It seems to me with dinosaurs just outside the cave,
Its entirely reasonable now, to be anything but brave,
But the tribal psychiatrist insists that I must face my fears,
And he issued me with stones, and little wooden spears,
And so I went out bravely, into the land of fools,
And got quickly eaten because I lacked the proper tools.

You see things havent changed much, the tutor whispered sage,
Psychiatry still screws up, no matter what millennium or age,
He pauses for best effect, and to let the chuckles die,
What was needed was a plan, and the means to try.
So they tried all sorts of weapons, all sorts of cunning ruse,
But they always ended up, as nba중계 just amusing little chews,
And just when they were despondent, try as they might,
Along came Dinosaur disaster, in a great big meteorite.

So theres a lesson in the parable, of your cavemen of old,
Dont listen to the shrinks and to anything you are told,
For if you are to triumph, over the odds against the rules,

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