Selling your own Ad space online

Selling your own Ad space online

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Nowadays, selling your own advertising space is a good earning stream, so long as you consider it to be an additional thing to do along with your business. Once you feel you are having a lot of traffic on your website or a large subscriber list, you can opt in for selling it. Once you have got ample amount of subscribers on list, you can offer your ad space for selling.

Once advertisers approaches you to buy your ad space, always keep in mind that your rate should be reasonable. There should be a balance between the demand & the supply of your advertising space. If there is a great demand for your ad space, you can of course increase your prices. But if there is not much demand, then you should always remain flexible about the rates 강남셔츠룸 of your ad space.

There are some factors that should be kept in mind before starting the sale. You should have a fair amount of subscribers in your list so that you can attract the advertisers to buy your space. Nextly, you should be aware of the tough competition & hence try to make your website the best in its category. Your site should be strong enough to make a healthy impression on the visitors & should generate a...

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